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Ireland needs to be constantly connected

April 23, 2013

Ireland has a need to be constantly connected as digital device ownership continues to rise to enable round the clock online access, according to the latest eircom Household Sentiment Survey (eHSS).

The in-depth bi-annual nationwide survey shows how Ireland is embracing technology at every opportunity. Ireland is now a nation that has a desire to stay connected 24/7,with almost a million admitting to checking emails first thing in the morning.

Irish households are a now a network of online users; there is an average of four devices that connect to the Internet in every Irish home. In the last six months alone, tablet ownership has doubled. This year 15 per cent Ireland inhabitants intend to buy a tablet meaning 1.2 million people will have access to a tablet by the end of the year.  Since the last eHSS survey, smartphone ownership has also dramatically increased; from 39 per cent to 50 per cent.  This equates to 1.6 million smartphone users in Ireland.

With increased usage of smartphones and the increased functionality on a single device, it is no surprise that 71 per cent of those surveyed stated that they do not miss digital cameras and 63 per cent can live without iPods and portable MP3 players.

With the increased usage of smartphone and tablet devices, the nation is now equipped to log on at every opportunity. This trend is leading to an increase in demand for online accesson the go. Of those surveyed, 71 per cent use their smartphone sitting in their car and 51 per cent on public transport. While at home, it’s not just the conventional spaces in the house, as 33 per cent admit to using their smartphone in the bathroom, 78 per cent in the bedroom and 27 per cent while on the toilet.

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