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OTT will boost revenues by 50%

April 30, 2013

An independent poll conducted by MPP Global Solutions found that over half of TV broadcasters questioned believe that OTT services will boost their bottom line by a further 50 per cent by 2015.

The TV experience is changing rapidly from a traditional, linear model to one which is consumer-driven, mobile, accessible and highly customisable. 2013 is the first year OTT viewers have surpassed IPTV viewers and traditional Pay TV is at the precipice. With the experiences of the publishing and music industries a harbinger, TV broadcasters are acting decisively, proactively and creatively. TV can no longer call itself a push industry; consumers are now pulling the content they want to meet their own needs.

Conducted during a webinar hosted by MPP examining the trends, challenges and best practices for the monetisation of the connected entertainment environment, the survey found that 54 per cent of respondents believed OTT would create a revenue surge of 50 per cent.

Paul Johnson, Chief Executive Officer for MPP, said, “The TV industry is eager to fulfil the needs of the modern, digital consumer. Broadcasters are keen to maximise the returns of OTT services for their offerings; the overwhelming optimism of these findings supports this assertion.”

An industry leader, MPP’s experience is unparalleled in the monetisation of content. A longstanding relationship with Sky, ground-breaking work with Philips, Sony and Woomi make MPP the premiere choice in the world of connectivity.

By 2015, over 380 million people spanning the globe will view OTT content via a connected device. The TV industry seems poised to reap the rewards of adapting and judge OTT to be the lifeblood of future revenues.

Johnson added “What is especially exciting for broadcasters is the knowledge that the more flexibility and ease of service they provide, the greater the chance their customers will be loyal and, of course, happy. MPP is an ideal partner with experience delivering a wide variety of monetisation models, unique to the needs of each client’s customers.”

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