SENSIO launches 3D VoD service

3dtvSENSIO has launched a new 3D VoDservice, 3DGO! in the US that offers more than 40 premium 3D titles that can be accessed through all 3D TVs that are compliant with SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D technology. The service is offered free on VIZIO’s Smart TVs with Theatre 3D.

Speaking at the launch, Richard LaBerge, executive vice president and chief business development officer said, “Today, one of the biggest hurdles for mass 3DTV adoption by consumers has been removed with the official launch of 3DGO!. … From now on, consumers will have an easy, affordable and convenient access to the 3D content they really want. We are thrilled to once again help shape the future of 3D in the home with this milestone achievement. In the coming two months, we will be working jointly with our partners to ensure the successful launch of 3DGO! and we are very enthusiastic about the revenue generating potential of this strategic initiative.”

Movies can be hired for 24 hours at prices ranging from $5.99 to $7.99. SENSIO is expecting full deployment across all 3D TVs in the US by June 2013.

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