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Thinkbox second screen study

May 10, 2013

Thinkbox has commissioned Flamingo, the global insight and brand consultancy, and Tapestry, the quantitative research specialists, to undertake the second in its series of ‘Screen Life’ research studies, with results expected this summer. The new study will focus on how people are watching VoD and how that differs from and adds to linear viewing.

The new study – ‘Screen Life: TV in demand’ – will use a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques to examine how and why people are now watching TV, examining the reasons people choose to watch linear TV and VOD and their attitudes to new screens, such as tablets and smartphones. It is designed to help marketers understand different TV behaviours and the effects they have on how TV advertising works.

The quantitative research will use mobile diaries to record viewing habits in near real time and the qualitative research will make use of Flamingo’s proprietary ‘Fieldnotes’ app, which allows viewers to capture and share their answers wherever and whenever they are, using text, photo and video.

Screen Life is an ongoing series of research studies by Thinkbox looking at emerging TV technologies and behaviours.

Neil Mortensen, Thinkbox’s Research and Strategy Director: “This new Screen Life study will examine the broad range of motivations that lie behind why we watch linear TV and VOD and, increasingly, how we watch it. As TV expands on to new screens and our appetite for on-demand increases, marketers need to understand what this all means for their brands and what the opportunities are.”

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