Agama launches Analyzer OMNIA at ANGA COM 2013

Agama Technologies, the video service quality assurance expert, has announced the launch of Analyzer OMNIA, a new DVB-C monitoring probe with unmatched density and parallel capacity. The new space and cost efficient product range will mean no more ‘blind spots’ for cable operators, as it provides complete transparency of the delivered quality by monitoring up to 48 multiplexes and all individual services, all the time in real-time, with complete TS analysis and full TR290 parameter set.

Cable operators have until now been forced to rely on round-robin (RR) techniques for RF multiplex monitoring, since existing video monitoring equipment on the market provide low density and scalability in terms of number of input interfaces as well as monitoring depth and coverage. These limitations leave the operators with poor coverage and thereby scarce insight into the QoS and QoE of the deployed services. In turn, this reduces the possibilities for being aware of and acting on issues currently occurring in the distribution, as well as understanding the long-term trends and underlying causes.

With Analyzer OMNIA, all these limitations are eliminated. Through a unique combination of analysis depth and capacity, Agama’s new and innovative solution offers a magnitude higher density of simultaneously monitored muxes compared to any other solution on the market today. It also removes the need of compromising on the monitoring level, as it allows for full real-time monitoring including all TR290 Prio 1-3 parameters for every individual service. OMNIA is optimized for use in cable operators’ head-ends, local offices or edge QAM sites, and it is available in different versions ranging from 12 up to 48 input configurations for 1U and 2U server packaging. This extremely high density allows even the largest cable networks to deploy single Analyzer probes capable of monitoring every mux and all their services in important network locations, instead of having to use tens of probes for each network point to achieve the same coverage and level of concurrent monitoring.

“The Analyzer OMNIA is a game changer for cable operators,” says Johan Görsjö, Director of Product Management at Agama Technologies. “It is the first product on the market to provide cable operators with operational transparency through full, in-depth monitoring on all muxes and services concurrently in a very compact and cost efficient format. OMNIA of course integrates seamlessly with our complete end-to-end video monitoring concept – creating real-time, actionable insight into service quality in all parts of the delivery chain, from the head-end to the viewing device. This empowers operators to work proactively to increase customer satisfaction and lower OPEX.”


Key features of the Agama Analyzer OMNIA product range include;

  • Very space and cost efficient, supporting up to 48 simultaneous DVB-C RF inputs in a single probe
  • All muxes and their services are continuously monitored in real-time with complete TS analysis and full TR290 P1/P2/P3 parameter set, scaling to multi-gigabit monitoring capacity
  • Provides virtually unlimited access and presentation of historical QoS and QoE data, events and alarms
  • No need for round-robin – no more ‘blind spots’, and a richer information base for understanding trends and the complete dynamics of the service distribution


Agama will showcase its complete solution for end-to-end video service assurance, including the new Analyzer OMNIA, at ANGA COM 2013 in Cologne on June 4-6. For a live demonstration and to learn more about the Agama DTV Monitoring Solution, visit stand no T18, 10.1.

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