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Mobile TV and video viewers to top 2bn

May 15, 2013

ipadRecent findings from Juniper Research suggest that by 2017, 2 billion mobile and tablet users will watch TV and video on their devices. This is attributed to the growing popularity of short and easily shared video clips, and the increased global uptake of connected devices with faster processors and better displays.

The Mobile/Tablet TV & Video: Content, Broadcast & OTT Strategies 2013-2017 report examines how mobile is increasingly being used as the primary screen for consuming TV and video content among younger demographics, and the seamless integration of streaming services with social networks. Sharing content via handsets or tablets has become an intuitive experience for many.

Juniper Research suggests that the success that many streaming providers such as Netflix have achieved online has led them to offer truly multi-screen experiences via smartphones and tablets. This move has begun to affect the pay-TV business, with the threat of consumers ‘cutting the cord’ and ending their pay-TV services in favour of Internet streaming services. However, many pay-TV providers, such as Sky in the UK are fighting back with multi-platform strategies of their own.

Report author Siân Rowlands points out that “we are now seeing companies such as YouTube trialling paid channels to get a slice of the marketplace. This will have incredible repercussions throughout the mobile space given YouTube comes pre-installed on an immense number of devices and the Android platform’s billing options.”

According to Juniper Research, it remains to be seen whether YouTube will be successful with this new monetisation model. In 2011, similar paid channels were launched, some of which didn’t see a sizeable enough audience to warrant their continued funding. Furthermore, YouTube has seen limited success with its movie rental service given the foothold which Apple and the iTunes ecosystem has on renting movies to smartphones and tablets.

A further area which Juniper Research suggests will accelerate the growth in the number of mobile and tablet viewers is the uptake of improved devices. In developing regions, although featurephones continue to reign, the better quality displays and faster processors means that watching mobile TV and video on a featurephone is no longer a cumbersome, poor quality experience. Furthermore, in many developing regions, fixed broadband penetration is still very low, whereas the uptake of wireless devices is higher; these two factors in tandem mean that the handset is the only device in certain regions to access video content such as news, sports and music.

Other key findings include:

  • Western Europe will account for the most users in 2017, viewers in this region will represent over a fifth of the global user-base.
  • The Social TV market is also expected to grow significantly to 2017, as the market matures and key players develop their business models.


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