Telekom Malaysia to roll out IPTV in Q3

HyppTV, Telekom Malaysia IPTV service, will be available to about 1.6 million Streamyx broadband subscribers by the third-quarter of this year.

The company is currently testing its HyppTV Over Broadband service on 1,000 Streamyx subscribers, but has not priced the service.

TM executive VP Jeremy Kung, said other than the UniFi subscription, HyppTV will be available in two new mechanisms from the third-quarter — HyppTV Over Broadband and HyppTV Everywhere.

“We are currently in our final testing stage for both the new services. The commercial trial for HyppTV Over Broadband involves our 1,000 Streamyx eight megabits per second (8Mbps) package subscribers. The opening up to Streamyx customers definitely will have a positive impact on our subscriber base, a 1.6 million customer base is a definite potential,” he told the media in Kuala Lumpur.

HyppTV currently has 112 channels including 28 in HD.

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