New metadata standard for legal sharing

Cooperation between the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the world’s standards body in electrotechnology, and ITU (the International Telecommunication Union) has produced a new metadata standard to enable rights information interoperability in IPTV services. This provides a standardised framework, such as that accompanying material under copyright, to ensure that multimedia content can be shared legally across different platforms.

Recommendation ITU-T H.751 “Metadata for rights information interoperability in IPTV services” is technically aligned with IEC 62698 Multimedia home server systems – Rights information interoperability for IPTV. The parallel texts are the first product of an inter-agency cooperation initiated in 2008 in São Paulo, Brazil, at a high level meeting between experts from IEC TC (Technical Committee) 100: Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment and ITU-T SG(Study Group) 16: Multimedia coding, systems and applications.

Members of IEC TC 100/TA (Technical Area) 8 and ITU-T SG 16 have joined their knowledge and expertise to develop an international solution to the issue of interoperability of digital rights information. Better access to digital content improves the consumer experience.

IEC 62698 recognises that as consumers become increasingly mobile, digital media solutions need to deliver flexibility across technology platforms and devices while protecting content producers rights.

ITU-T H.751 | IEC 62698 provides clear mechanisms for flexible digital distribution that allow for simple exchanges of content, enabling service providers to implement common interpretation and integration of rights information. The standard targets interoperability to ensure that service providers and device manufacturers can easily exchange rights information across their current content management systems.

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