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Megamax for Slovakia and Czech

May 24, 2013

Chello Central Europe’s children’s channel Megamax is now available on two new platforms in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, further extending the channel’s reach in the region.

Megamax is now available on the Slovak Magio Sat DTH and Czech Rio Media platforms. Megamax offers local-dubbed versions of popular cutting-edge animated content from around the globe including Transformers, Gormiti, Lego Ninjago, Iron Kid and Metajets.

“We realised the existence of long-term demand from operators and customers for a unique channel for older children, which would entertain them and at the same time encourage them towards an active lifestyle and interest in the world around them. In this sense we have positioned Megamax as something like a gateway to a world of superheroes. We are pleased that the high interest shown by leading operators has confirmed the quality of Megamax,” said Alena Blahovcová, VP Affiliate Sales, Chello Central Europe.

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