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Networks file fresh Aereokiller suit

May 24, 2013

By Colin Mann

Internet TV streaming service Aereokiller is the subject of a further action claiming copyright infringement, with ABC, NBC and Fox filing a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in Washington DC. Allbritton, which owns ABC’s TV station there, also is a plaintiff in the suit.

The complaint is similar to one filed in Los Angeles in August by ABC, NBC and CBS against the Alki David-backed site that then was known as Separately, earlier this week David agreed to permanent injunctions barring him from using the Aereokiller or Barry Driller names in connection with any business activity.

In the latest suit, the networks and Allbritton claim that: “Aereokiller provides users and subscribers the ability to receive whichever broadcast station the user or subscriber chooses, ultimately having the ability to watch live broadcast television programming over the Internet using any device. In other words, through the Aereokiller service, Defendants built a business founded on offering its users and subscribers a ‘live’ Internet and mobile streaming service based on Plaintiffs’ television programming, but without authorization or license from Plaintiffs.”

According to the networks, the complaint underscores their commitment “to vigorously protect” their copyrighted programming from illegal appropriation by opportunistic pirates. “A court in California has already enjoined Aereokiller from operating in nine western states, in the process recognizing that the commercial retransmission of our broadcasts without permission or compensation is a clear violation of the law and congressional intent. We believe that the DC court will uphold our copyright interests and further restrict Aereokiller’s operations,” they said in a statement.

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