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31% Italians time-shifted TV in 2012

May 28, 2013

A report published by the Politecnico di Milano and Studio Frasi on the evolution of the Italian TV market from prime time to non-linear viewing, has provided new data on time shifted and on demand viewing which gives a clear picture of this market and its potentials.

Findings include:

– 31 per cent of Italian population (about 17.8 million people) has used time shifted-viewing in 2012. 59 per cent of Sky Italia’s subscribers (about 7.4 million people) have used non-linear viewing.

– Non-linear viewing creates 1.7 million daily contacts on average with an average audience of 68,000 people that uses it for 57 minutes per day.

– The week in 2012 in which non-linear viewing was used the most is that ending on 7th June, the week in which RAI broadcasted live Italy-Russia match, part of the Euro 2012 football tournament, indicating that people watched the match live and then caught up on their favourite shows afterwards.

– Sky’s programmes: aggregate for the whole series of X-Factor had a non-linear coverage record of 646,591 people. MasterChef Italia followed with 297,403.

– The users of My Sky increased from 1.8 million in June 2010 to 6.9 million in May 2013.

–  In the month of April IPTV subscribers drop to 240,000 from 273,000 the month before.

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