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Apple’s Cook: Google Glass no mass appeal

May 29, 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has claimed Google Glass has no mass appeal – but also hinted that Apple might be looking to get into wearable technology.

Cook told Allthingsd’s D11 Conference  that Glass is unlikely to appeal to the mass market. “There are some positives in the product. It’s probably likely to appeal to certain markets. The likelihood that it has broad appeal is hard to see. I’m interested in a great product. I wear glasses because I have to. I don’t know a lot of people who wear them because they don’t have to.”

Cook said he does see opportunities in the wearable technology market, however, and he threw out plenty of hints that the long rumoured Apple iWatch will be unveiled in the near future.

He described wearable technology as an area that’s “ripe for exploration” and said that, for Apple, it “is a very important branch of the tree”.

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