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Heineken launching YouTube series

May 31, 2013

Heineken the brewer is to launch a YouTube TV series. The online series, entitled Dropped, is part of the latest stage of Heineken’s global multimillion-pound ad campaign which continues with a new TV ad, The Voyage.

Heineken described Dropped as a “social experiment”, with members of the public encouraged to live outside their boundaries and cope with unusual experiences, like the protagonist in The Voyage TV commercials.

“We want to go further than inspiring men to be resourceful and open to the world,” said the Heineken global communications director, Sandrine Huijgen. “We are giving a few of them the opportunity to go beyond the borders of their comfort zone. Dropped is a social experiment that will challenge the participant to display their true character and if they do, have a legendary travel experience.”

Members of the public will be able to upload videos of their version of a “legendary take on an everyday journey” –– with a winner chosen to feature in their own Heineken Dropped adventure.

The aim of the new Voyage TV ad is to inspire Heineken drinkers to be travelers – not tourists, according to creators Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.

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