EONA selects SecureMedia protection

EONA, a technical and entertainment company specialising in IPTV and VoD for the hospitality industry, has selected Arris SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE to secure premium content to hospitals and hotels around the world. EONA will employ SecureMedia protection across 5,500 IPTV access points within 45 hotels and hospitals in seven countries.

SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE became part of the Arris portfolio through the company’s acquisition of Motorola Home. Arris combines world-class solutions for the entire video delivery chain by integrating technologies across the cloud, network and home.

“SecureMedia gives us the protection and assurance to provide a variety of premium video to our customers with earlier release windows,” said Antoine Girard, managing director of EONA. “With this level of protection, we can meet the ever-growing requirements of content owners such as UIP, FilmBank and Canal+ while serving the best new content to our primary clientèle of international hotels and community hospitals.”

SecureMedia has helped EONA meet content owners’ new stringent security requirements, including French broadcaster Canal+, which now requires advanced encryption of its content prior to delivery in the hospitality and healthcare environments. By deploying SecureMedia Encryptonite ONE, EONA has received approval from Canal+ to include its programming within EONA’s hospitality offering – making EONA among the few providers able to offer Canal+ as part of its service.

“EONA is a leader in content distribution to the hospitality and healthcare industries,” said Steve McCaffery, EMEA General Manager, Arris. “These industries require special consideration for content protection because of their associated ‘public’ environments. SecureMedia allows partners like EONA to confidently enter these markets, knowing that they’re up-to-date with the ever-changing content protection requirements.”

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