Veveo ‘graph-based’ semantic platform

Veveo, a provider of semantic technologies to bridge the usability gap in connected devices and applications with intelligent search, discovery and personalisation solutions, has created a modular implementation of its SmartRelevance Conversational Platform. This will allow the company’s approved partners and customers to create next-generation usability experiences based on Veveo’s knowledge graph semantic capabilities and agility in gleaning user intent and relevance.  As a result, providers of search and recommendation technologies, as well as service providers with legacy systems, can now leverage Veveo’s proprietary technologies to make their systems advanced in meeting growing user expectations for intelligent and natural usability.

“Graph-based semantic technologies are the future of intelligent usability, and while most companies that have created such technologies use them for their own mobile or social media services, Veveo’s goal is to make these capabilities ubiquitous across all products and services on connected devices,” said Murali Aravamudan, founder and CEO of Veveo.  “After building state-of-the-art knowledge graph capabilities that have been battle-tested with our customers’ mobile, second screen and television implementations for many years, we have now taken the step to make this platform available to third parties as well.  We are confident that this will represent a paradigm shift not only for users — but for our partners who can now use this technology as a bridge to the next-generation usability that consumers are starting to expect.”

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