IPgallery’s reveals its MSO-Cloud-TV Platform

IPgallery – a software house for the MSO and Mobile operators – has revealed its innovative MSO-Cloud-TV platform named VideoThru.

As of today IPgallery’s VideoThru successfully operates in the company’s innovation labs. VideoThru’s video switching and logic services support personalisation and content-right awareness in the MSO’s cloud that enables the MSOs and Mobile operators to become their end-users’ Hub for all content consumption at low cost. VideoThru generates new revenue streams for the MSOs and offers value added services to subscribers including time-shift, place-shift, network-PVR, personalized EPG, managed UCG and combined converged communications. Given VideoThru is HTML-5 based, consumers can experience a unified Social-TV experience on any device transparently, and the built-in content right awareness feature allows viewing and sharing content with any friend anywhere anytime. By addressing mobility and content right issues, VideoThru increases subscriber stickiness, improves the MSO’s positioning and significantly reduces their TCO.

“The evolution of Traditional TV requires adaptation in current business models. By leveraging the MSOs cloud technology, MSOs will become the ultimate Portal and the one focal Hub for all content consumption by subscribers,” said Michelle Degani Specktor, IPgallery Executive Vice President Business Development. “IPgallery’s patent pending VideoThru solution is resides in the MSO’s cloud and it facilitates a unique Social TV experience, anywhere anytime with any friend and on any device. VideoThru offers consumers greater value with a better user experience beyond current content right limitations, while it enables MSOs network monetisation, rapid roll out of new revenue generating services, and lowering TCO.”

Since tradition TV has evolved dramatically, operators, content aggregators and content providers need to adapt with new business strategies and new technologies. In the new business sphere OTT providers such as Netflix, Hulu alike are longer direct competition but rather complimentary content providers. Hence, MSO need to enhance their business model in addition to offering linear TV and VoD services. Here is where VideoThru contributes to the transformation of MSOs into the portal and hub of all content consumption for their subscribers, offering a rich Social TV experience.

Visit IPgallery at The National Cable Show June 10-12, 2013 in Washington DC, and learn more about the next generation of MSO-Cloud-TV.

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