dabs.com turns TVs smart with STB

dabs.com has unveiled its new STB capable of bringing on-demand TV, films and music to any television.

The WDTV Play streaming media player from dabs.com offers access to an array of entertainment including the movies, trending Internet videos, music tracks and more. The digital multimedia receiver also provides easy access to popular Internet streaming services and apps including Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Hulu Plus and Pandora.

WD TV Play connects to a HD television via an HDMI port and to WiFi via the built-in wireless modem, allowing HD content to be streamed into living rooms with ease. The device is also capable of displaying photos and home videos from digital cameras, camcorders and hard disc drives in full HD through a television set.

Duncan Rutherford, Product Manager at dabs.com, commented: “Having streaming services such as YouTube, the BBC’s iPlayer, the Facebook app and Netflix available in your lounge can completely revolutionise your viewing habits, making it simple to watch what you want, when you want. WD TV Play has the ability to make online content streaming a reality for all households and all for less than £60.”

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