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Civolution’s SyncNow for LVL Studio’s Purple

June 11, 2013

Civolution, a provider of technology solutions for identifying, managing and monetising content, has formed a partnership with LVL Studio, the Canadian transmedia and TV user experience design company. Under the agreement, LVL Studio will use Civolution’s SyncNow for ad synchronisation in its new second-screen TV content platform, Purple.

Purple enables broadcasters and operators to create custom second-screen experiences for their services and programming. With Civolution’s SyncNow integration, Purple-based apps can incorporate real-time, targeted ad triggering and ad synchronisation, helping advertisers get higher ROI on sponsored messages. Purple-enabled apps are available for Android, iOS, desktop Web browsers and other popular platforms.

“We’re constantly striving to develop products at the forefront of a swiftly changing second-screen marketplace,” said Jean-François Gagnon, President and CEO of LVL Studio. “The integration of Civolution’s SyncNow ad triggering with our Purple’s real-time second-screen platform represents an evolution towards smarter, more connected in-home entertainment experiences, and helps make sponsor messaging more meaningful for consumers and advertisers alike.”

“This agreement proves that that the next generation of television advertising is here,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution. “Purple-enabled apps with SyncNow ensure that only the most relevant marketing messages appear on viewers’ second-screen devices, so that advertisers can reach target audiences regardless of where their attention is focused.”

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