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International Smart TV technology partnership between Hama and FOXXUM

June 11, 2013

Hama, the accessory manufacturer expert, and FOXXUM, specialised in providing Smart TV technology solutions, have established a strategic partnership with one another to strengthen their position in the international Smart TV business. This exclusive collaboration will allow Hama not only to augment its first-class multimedia offerings with innovative, user-friendly Smart TV portal solutions with extensive over-the-top (OTT) offerings, but also to ready its successful product line for the next generation of TVs. Hama’s extensive experience in successful synergetic products allowed it to recognize Smart TV’s potential as an important and forward-looking accessory.

In the partnership, FOXXUM will be responsible for the development of a convenient and easy-to-use Smart TV portal solution, as well as for its long-term support and commercial marketing. FOXXUM will call upon their many years of experience working with many different international terminal device producers and content providers to enable them to provide this intensive and flexible support.
“Smart TV offerings are the perfect accessory for the future of our multimedia devices. FOXXUM is one of the main pioneers in the Smart TV technology sector, which combined with their professionalism and strong experience in the field make them perfectly qualified to advise us as to the commercial marketing of the Smart TV portal solution. We are confident that by efficiently combining the strengths of our two firms, we will create excellent new accessory products that will allow us to exploit new, lucrative revenue possibilities,” explains Hama’s Senior Product Manager Armin Walter.

Ronny Lutzi, CEO of FOXXUM, gives other reasons for the strategic partnership’s high success potential: “By collaborating with an internationally successful company like Hama, we can further increase our global presence and reach even more users with our products. A company specialising in accessories, Hama has a fine appreciation for how things work together. The partnership shows that we share the same vision of success in the Smart TV business, with its enormous growth potential: a vision of first-class quality and efficient collaboration.”

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