TV Everywhere increases value of pay-TV service

Premium TV network EPIX has chosen the Cable Show in Washington, DC to reveal key findings of a nationwide survey, conducted by global consumer research firm Hub Entertainment, which show that consumers who view content on multiple platforms and devices attach much more value to service from their pay-TV provider than those who watch on a TV set only.

The survey found that the value that subscribers attribute to their pay-TV service increases as the number of devices used to watch programming grows. Pay-TV subscribers’ value ratings increase by up to 83 per cent for viewers who access programming on multiple devices compared to those who watch on TV only. Among pay-TV subscribers who view content on a TV plus three additional devices, 71 per cent feel pay-TV is an “excellent/good” value; the percentage increases to 88 per cent among pay-TV subscribers viewing on TV and four other devices, a true testament to the strength of multiplatform viewing. Among subscribers who view content on a TV only, 48 per cent believe that they are getting an “excellent/good” value from their pay-TV subscription.

The findings also indicate that multiplatform viewing enhances the value that subscribers attribute to EPIX. EPIX subscribers’ satisfaction increases by over 50 per cent among multiple platform and device viewers compared with those who watch only on TV. While 62 per cent of EPIX subscribers watching only on television are satisfied with the service, 80 per cent of EPIX subscribers who view the network via two or three devices are satisfied. Importantly, the highest levels of satisfaction come from EPIX subscribers who access the network’s content on four or more devices, with an impressive 94 per cent satisfied with their EPIX subscription.

The value of watching EPIX on devices benefits pay-TV providers as well. Over 80 per cent of EPIX subscribers who view on game consoles or media players say that having that capability makes their pay-TV subscription more valuable than it would otherwise be.

“The results of this study illustrate the high value consumers are placing on multiplatform viewing and underscores the importance of delivering superior content along with the ability to make it available to consumers at their convenience on any platform,” said Nora Ryan, Chief of Staff for EPIX. “As the entertainment viewing experience evolves, consumers are making new choices about how they want to consume content and forming new habits that include the desire to watch movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere and on multiple platforms. Flexibility is really important in the delivery and packaging of programming services and those distributors who recognize this will be able to increase the satisfaction levels of their customers. We remain committed to working closely with our operating partners to provide our authenticated subscribers access to the best content and extra features in all the ways they want it.”

The study was conducted online in March 2013 by global consumer research firm, Hub Entertainment Research, which surveyed 1,936 TV viewers ages 16-64 nationwide who have broadband access at home.

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