Low-cost SvoD for Spain

Spanish company N-Screens is launching its first SVoD channels -K-now, Distanciatv and Encopatv- for a monthly subscription of €2.99 for the whole package, under promotion for free until September.

Subscribers will be able to watch the channels through any device connected to the Internet. K-now is dedicated to economy with financial news and analysis about the business sector. Distanciatv is dedicated to outdoor sports, like running, trecking, cycling or skiing whereas Encopatv is targeted at drinks-loving people (wines, beers, soft drinks).

The company hopes to reach between 10,000 and 25,000 subscribers in the first year of operation and plans to launch further channels in the near future. Furthermore, it will launch an initiative on the Internet whereby if 25,000 people agree on a common hobby, the company has committed to launching a TV channel specifically dedicated to that content.

Expansion into Latin America is also on the agenda. Companies such as Bloomberg, Ananda, IEC, Indigenious, Pramer, CT Media, DW Transtel and Canamedia are its main content providers.

“N-Screens is a new way of doing TV,” says Manuel Balsersa, president of the company who adds that the service “aims to meet an unsatisfied demand for more thematic TV” and targets at “intelligent TV consumers”.

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