Pay-TV maintains lead in TV market

Currently, the overall number of pay-TV subscriber households is estimated at around 804 million by MRG. Over 55 per cent of the total number of TV households (more than 1.42 billion) are subscribed to a pay-TV service. APAC represents the region with the most rapidly growing pay-TV base. Meanwhile, mature markets, North America and Europe, have recently registered slight growth. Cable TV subscribers hold the largest chunk of the pay-TV market; the segment held a share of nearly 63 per cent of the global pay-TV households in 2012.

In spite of challenges such as alternative TV distribution technologies and threats of “cord cutting” the providers of pay-TV services are forecast to stay in the lead on the TV services market, according to MRG research.

The number of pay-TV subscribers is predicted to go beyond 1 billion by 2017. The major driver of the market growth is the enhancing availability of IPTV and satellite TV services mainly in the APAC region.

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