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Social recommendations API from Jinni

June 19, 2013

Video content discovery solutions provider Jinni has launched ‘Watch together’, claimed as the first effective social discovery feature to recommend content that suits the tastes of more than one viewer. The feature is part of the latest Jinni discovery engine API, and is now available for implementation by the company’s global customers and technology partners.

Based on Jinni’s semantic taste profiling of each user, the engine is able to recommend something to watch that will suit all the household members who want to watch TV or movies together. The new ‘Watch together’ social discovery feature can also be used to find a group of friends for group watching, either via online social viewing applications or at a movie theatre For example; if you want to go see a particular movie, Jinni ‘watch together’ can scan all your friends on Facebook and recommend those who are also highly likely to enjoy the particular title.

“You may have hundreds of friends on social networks, but only a few have similar taste in TV and movies.” said Jinni Co-founder and CEO, Yosi Glick. “TV is a naturally social experience and ‘watch together’ was developed to harness the power of social networks to find the perfect content and friends to watch it with, so people can stop wasting time searching and spend more time enjoying great shows and movies.” This latest API reflects Jinni’s commitment to effective social TV features that cut through the noise of social networks and provide a superior user experience.

The Jinni gene-based discovery solution has differentiated itself from other engines by taking content analysis and unique user-centric recommendations to the next level – with natural language understanding capabilities, Jinni meets the growing consumer demand for a semantic cross-platform experience.


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