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FilmOn’s David sues broadcasters

June 28, 2013

By Colin Mann

alkidavidInternet TV streaming service FilmOn has reacted to a lawsuit filed in March by a group of broadcasters by filing its response and a counterclaim. FilmOn founder Alki David is seeking a declaratory judgement that providing technology that allows consumers to receive free over-the-air broadcast signals via the Internet is not a violation of TV broadcasters’ copyrights.

The complaint has been filed in Washington, DS, with David telling that he felt it was “pretty powerful” and one he hoped Judge Rosemary Collyer would find persuasive.

According to the counterclaim, the Network’s repetitive litigious behaviour is inconsistent with the statutory obligations associated with the broadcast licences granted to the Networks, which enable the Networks to access valuable broadcast frequencies – a public trust. “Having initially accepted billions of dollars in public resources and various other regulatory benefits, the Networks now seek to renege on the deal struck with Congress under the Communications Act of 1934 and abandon their responsibilities to the American public. Only broad declaratory relief like that sought in this Counterclaim can preserve this public trust,” it says.


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