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Thomson delivers next stage of Israel DTT

July 16, 2013

Thomson Broadcast has started delivering the technology for the next stage of Israel’s national DVB-T/DVB-T2 infrastructure project, with the implementation of fifty new 100W UHF channel repeaters across the country. Enhancing the coverage of the existing multiplex and laying the foundation for the development of the second and third multiplexes, the project is part of a major contract with The Second Authority for Television and Radio, the public authority that regulates commercial broadcasts in Israel.

Twenty identical repeaters were delivered by Thomson Broadcast in an earlier phase of the contract, in addition to sixty-three high- and medium- power transmitters from Thomson’s GreenPower range. The new repeaters are configured for SFN operation to boost coverage in densely built up areas, and all the installations are operating under the global control and monitoring system of Israeli television’s digital network. The installation is in the form of a turn-key system including RF filters, multiplexers, receiving/transmitting antennae and all accessories.

Fully agile over the entire UHF range, ultra compact, Thomson repeaters guarantee continuous signal availability and are suitable for stations with limited access. An ultra efficient real-time digital echo canceller is available; like other Elite products, Thomson repeaters offer the best performances to achieve indoor and outdoor coverage in dense urban as well as in mountainous environments.

“Following the successful commissioning of the earlier phases of this project, we are very pleased to proceed to the next stage with Thomson Broadcast,” said Tal Nissim, CTO for The Second Authority. “We have chosen Thomson’s technology again for its outstanding stability and performance in any kind of environmental conditions, and because the installation process is so easy.”

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