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UK IP Office seeks EC copyright views

July 17, 2013

By Colin Mann

The UK’s Intellectual Property Office is seeking views from interested parties on copyright issues being discussed at a European level which might find their way into formal proposals.

According to the Office, with the emphasis on completing the Digital Single Market to help deliver growth in Europe, the debate on copyright has intensified in Europe over the last few years. The government believes that copyright needs to keep pace with technological development and take account of users’ and consumers’ expectations, while providing incentives and opportunities for creators.

“The UK is a net exporter of copyright content and the government needs to ensure that our industries have the right European framework to thrive. Equally, the UK wants to ensure that the copyright framework is supportive for growth for the UK economy as a whole at a time of rapid technological change and business innovation. Developments at the European level can have a major impact on what happens in the UK in relation to copyright. There are a number of copyright issues being discussed in Brussels, which might find their way into formal proposals,” says the Office.

“In order to develop our thinking on how best to respond to this debate, we have brought together a number of questions on the European copyright framework and areas that have been highlighted by the European Commission for further action. We are inviting your views, as well as any supporting evidence, so that we can understand the impact that potential changes to the European copyright framework might have. We will use your views and evidence to develop the UK’s position on these issues, as well as using it to finalise our research programme in this area,” it says.

The call for views is aimed at all interested parties across all sectors: – including consumers, authors and creators, publishers, researchers, content providers, libraries, schools and universities – with comments to be submitted by October 15th.

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