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HDTV purchase intentions hits 3 year high

July 18, 2013

sonyTVThe consumer electronics market may be set for recovery, according to the latest purchase intention data from Strategy Analytics’ ConsumerMetrix service. Compared to the previous survey in Q4 2012, more consumers across the US and Europe are now intending to buy HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players and connected TV players over the coming twelve months.

The report found that more than 23 per cent of respondents expect to buy an HDTV during the next year, compared to less than 18 per cent in Q4 2012. Thirteen per cent of people now expect to buy a Blu-ray disc player, compared to 10 per cent previously.

Intention to buy Apple TV and other connected TV players has also risen although only 6 per cent of people say they will buy one of these products.

“Global TV sales have been in decline but our surveys suggest that consumer sentiment is finally moving in the right direction,” says Jia Wu, Director, Connected Home Devices. “While economic recovery remains patchy this survey evidence suggests that more consumers are ready once again to invest in the latest TVs and other gadgets than last year.”

According to the survey the recovery is likely to come first to the US market. HDTV purchase intentions in the US are now 7.6 per cent higher than in late 2012, while in Europe they have improved by a more modest 4.5 per cent. The strongest market in Europe appears to be Germany, while Italy is currently the weakest.

“It may be too soon to talk about the feel-good factor,” says David Mercer, Principal Analyst. “But after a very challenging period for the industry it seems that consumer electronics manufacturers may finally have some good news to look forward to.”

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