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NUsicTV on LandscapeHD

July 22, 2013

LandscapeHD Broadcast Network is expanding its repertoire with a raft of new channels focusing on different markets within the music industry. The first of these is NUsicTV, a new 1080p music television channel that focuses on new music scenes globally, broadcasting ‘linear’ music television 24/7 in the tried and tested LandscapeHD radio on television format. This will be available via LandscapeHD developed broadcast mini-servers to satellite, cable, IPTV and OTT outlets globally. NUsicTV will showcase new signed and unsigned artists from around the world embracing and promoting new music, scenes and labels. Unlike LandscapeHD which utilises the global appeal of language-less classical music, NUsicTV will focus on traditional format music videos from indie, rock and electronic music genres and will give content partners the facility of selling music, image and merchandise to a global audience.

Benjamin Gough, Managing Director of LandscapeHD said “We now have the opportunity to utilise our tried and tested LandscapeHD broadcast delivery system for other genres of music and market these to a global audience. We have put together a team of young music professionals that are bringing cutting edge 1080p music videos from new music scenes, independents, labels and rights holders from around the world. With it we will offer the facility to sell music, video and merchandise direct from screen through red button and click through. We have found that the ‘traditional linear’ television format works much better for mobile use. NUsicTV will feed a constant stream of global new music creating a chocolate box effect for a youth market eager to hear the next big thing. This is something that is currently missing from broadcast television and has the potential to become a new medium for music marketing and sales on a global scale.

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