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Innovid: Interactive ads improve awareness by 161%

July 23, 2013

Innovid, the technology platform delivering immersive video advertising, has released its Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: H1 2013 report, showing that campaigns leveraging video interactivity could increase ad engagement by 232 per cent. The report also shows that interactive ads produced significantly higher awareness rates, viewing rates, and more time spent interacting with the ad. Overall, the latest benchmarks shows a 161 per cent increase in brand exposure with no additional media spend for advertisers.

Key findings of the Innovid Interactive Video Advertising Benchmarks: H1 2013 report include:
•    Innovid iRoll campaigns generated three times more user activity than did standard pre-roll campaigns
•    Advertisers running a simple pre-roll saw an average 19.7 per cent awareness rate, compared to 40.4 per cent when leveraging iRoll
•    Pre-roll campaigns generated a 76.5 per cent viewing rate, where campaigns using iRoll generated an 84.4 per cent viewing rate
•    Innovid iRoll Expand campaigns delivered an additional 27.83 seconds in time earned on average, converting traditional 30-second media buys into 57.83 slots
•    15-second slots saw the highest completion rate at 80.3 per cent, whereas 30-second slots delivered a 73.8 per cent completion rate
•    Viewers interacted with longer form content twice as much with 4.2 per cent activity level as they did with the short form content with 2.2 per cent activity level
•    The Entertainment vertical generated the greatest amount of user activity (5.5 per cent) and time earned (35.73 seconds), while the CPG Food & Beverages vertical saw the greatest completion rate (77 per cent) and average per percentage of Ads Viewed (84.3 per cent)

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