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Arris demonstrates transformative entertainment and communications solutions at ABTA 2013

August 6, 2013

Arris Group, a global playerin entertainment and communications solutions, is showcasing its expanded range of end-to-end communications and entertainment solutions for pay-TV and broadband service providers at ABTA 2013.

The expanded Arris portfolio leverages the expertise and combined innovation from its recent acquisition of Motorola Home. Brazilian providers stand to benefit from a comprehensive suite of network, cloud, and home solutions to stake their claim in the evolution of TV and the smart, simple connected home.

“Brazil is set to experience unprecedented growth in connected home and video services such as multiscreen,” said German Iaryczower, SVP sales, Caribbean and Latin America, Arris. “At ABTA, we’re not only addressing the related trends in personalization, advertising, bandwidth, and more — we’re introducing global, end-to-end solutions that local providers can use to fuel their growth across the entire spectrum of future services.”

The Arris booth (D15) at ABTA will feature newly integrated portfolio components organized by the key challenges and opportunities that Brazilian pay-TV and telecom providers face: empowering content, owning the connected home, and transforming networks.

Empowering Content

Multiscreen is a global phenomenon affecting more than half of digital consumers, according to a recent study by Motorola (prior to its acquisition by Arris).

The Arris multiscreen solutions suite starts with an award-winning end-to-end platform of software that blends content management, security, advertising, and more to empower providers’ shift to IP and the Future of TV. Its cloud-based framework supports updates and development at Internet speeds.

And now, Arris has taken that to the next level by building in new ways to reach consumers through integrated communications and entertainment. Its new ad platform combines Emmy Award-winning ad-insertion technologies with its robust multiscreen suite to usher in ad experiences that are not only seamless, but geo-targeted, screen specific, and personalised—so they’re more engaging and relevant to consumers… A compelling proposition for providers looking to set the stage for the future of advertising as they invest in the Future of TV.

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