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S3 StormTest for Sky Deutschland

August 6, 2013

S3 Group, an international digital TV company that enables operators and infrastructure vendors to accelerate the end-to-end delivery of multiscreen TV, has unveiled a new product model in the StormTest Development Center family, designed to address large scale test automation of up to 64 devices simultaneously for stress, performance and reliability use cases.

Digital TV devices in the home are exposed to performance conditions that can be hard to replicate in the usual testing timeframe.  StormTest Development Center HS64 is designed to test the robustness of new software releases and product upgrades.  It does this by simulating real-world usage conditions, enabling several generations of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to be simultaneously stress and reliability tested, along with capturing key performance metrics.

“As we evolve our digital TV platform on a daily basis it is important that we can execute stress, reliability, performance and monitoring testing efficiently on a large number of set-top boxes simultaneously and with different releases at the same time. With StormTest Development Center HS64, we now have the ability to do so across all our DTH and Cable set-top boxes. We believe this cutting-edge solution further enhances the outstanding quality of our Sky CPE and service”, said Stefan Kastl, Director CPE, Sky Deutschland.

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