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UPC upgrades Horizon

August 6, 2013

upc cablecom says it is making numerous improvements to its Horizon entertainment platform. All Horizon customers will receive a new remote control with extra functions that also features a full keyboard on the back. In addition, 18 new apps have been added to Horizon, user navigation has been simplified and the platform has been made faster. upc cablecom says it has taken the suggestions of many existing customers into account when making these changes.

Since Horizon was launched in January 2013, upc cablecom has attracted more than 85,000 subscribers. Horizon offers customers television, Switzerland’s fastest Internet with 150,000 kbit/s and telephony all from one box, while also letting them record up to four programmes simultaneously. Horizon is continually being developed and new features are being added.

Since the launch, numerous improvements have already been made in the form of upgrades, such as to teletext or the performance of the integrated wireless LAN. Since June, Horizon customers have also been able to control their devices remotely from their iPhone or iPad via an app. The customer surveys which upc cablecom conducts regularly are an important source of contributions to improvements made to Horizon.

Liberty made reference to the improvements to its in-house developed Horizon in its latest results and said trials of a cloud based version had been held. Recent Liberty acquisition Virgin continues to use TiVo.

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