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ViewSat provide transmission services to GOD TV

August 8, 2013

GOD TV, the global Christian media channel, has partnered with ViewSat to provide specialised Gospel and Christian messaging to the Sub Saharan region, tapping into ViewSat’s capacity on the Intelsat 20 Ku Band platform and reaching millions direct-to-home viewers as a result.

ViewSat are pleased to provide a cost effective and flexible service to GOD TV, enabling simple and reliable transmission to a far greater audience than the channel has previously reached in the African region. Through its Intelsat 20 capacity, ViewSat are able to offer enhanced coverage in this vital region as well as strategic industry insight, with significant costs being saved for the channel itself.

“We are particularly impressed with the reliable service that ViewSat has offered us,” Klaus Leweling, chief operating officer, GOD TV says. “The team are exceptionally quick in responding to our requirements and answering any queries that we have. In addition to this, we are happy with the solutions offered to us and feel the benefit of ViewSat’s industry expertise and transparency.”

In offering specialist religious programming for a worldwide audience, GOD TV have a practical need to reach the widest possible receptive audience, an improvement facilitated by ViewSat and the global audience it can reach via satellite, fibre and streaming services.

ViewSat were able to offer a unique internet based solution whilst maintaining broadcast quality to GOD TV, harnessing the latest technology for simple and reliable service from GOD TV’s playout facility to ViewSat’s uplink centre.

“Our main concern has been to reach the audience in this particular part of the world with our content, which has been achieved and enhanced by ViewSat’s suggestions and guidance. Our relationship with ViewSat has also resulted in some real saving in contribution costs from our playout facility through using the broadcast quality streaming solution via IP network offered to us by ViewSat. We are happy with the results of our partnership and now look to ViewSat as leaders in the industry.” Klaus Leweling concludes.

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