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BitTorrent ‘crowd source’ new show

August 14, 2013

BitTorrent has partnered with US firm Converge Studios, for the pilot for its new show Fly or Die.  The show – a scripted drama that “documents the inner workings of the music industry” and BitTorrent is making available a ‘bundle’ of content through its network of 170m monthly active users, offering Fly or Die‘s trailer and a music video to anyone who downloads it.

If they then enter their email address, they’ll get more behind-the-scenes videos, but also “an invitation to join the community that will creatively shape the Fly of Die‘s future: impacting everything from storyline to distribution”.

It’s the latest BitTorrent bundle in the company’s scheme to team up with creators from various industries. Previous partners have come from the worlds of music (DJ Shadow, Pixies, Alex Day, Public Enemy), TV and film (Epic Meal Time, Pioneer One, L5) and books (Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Chef).

Converge’s chief executive Tim Staples said: “We came to BitTorrent with a crazy idea – a new way to get content developed and distributed. For us, it was an opportunity to take a great show and test it; to develop iteratively, together with our audience.”

The BitTorrent bundle scheme is currently in “alpha” with carefully-chosen partners, although the company is planning a wider launch later in the year that will enable more creators to make and launch their own bundles through its network.

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