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CloudTV passes latency test

August 20, 2013

A White Paper – Cloud UIs: Managing Latency without Compromise – has found that ActiveVideo Networks’ CloudTV system performs admirably in all network deployments, whether RF or IP- based and on all client devices and TV display types.

According to the study, the latency when the slowest remote combined with the worst set-top and network conditions still measures under 500 milliseconds between event and visual result presented to the user, and the vast majority of users will have an experience closer to a 350 millisecond round trip time, giving a very responsive feel to the service and allowing for the full power of CloudTV to be deployed to any user on any device.

The study suggests that CloudTV has accomplished much in identifying and minimising latency in order to provide a responsive system to all users, but adds there is always more work to be done – and not just for cloud-based services. “Interactive systems are growing more complex and powerful, adding features and functionality required to provide consumers the content when and where they want it. The entire industry, from device manufacturers to application interface designers must keep in mind the impact their decisions will, and to especially focus on reducing latency for the best possible user experience,” it concludes.

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