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BT Sport: “3D a waste of time”

August 29, 2013

Jamie HindhaughjamieHindhaugh, the COO of BT Sport, has become the latest industry insider to dismiss the future of 3D TV.

Hindhaugh has first hand experience of 3D programming after overseeing the BBC’s Olympic coverage in 2012: “I did the Olympics in 3D and it was the biggest waste of time I did. No-one ever watched it,” he said in an interview with T3.

Sky Sports has invested heavily in 3D in the last few years, but Hindhaugh said there was no chance that BT Sport would follow suit: “BT will absolutely not do 3D. I was in NAB in Vegas two years ago and you couldn’t move for 3D. This year you couldn’t move for 4K and there was one 3D stall there, which I think says it all.”

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