Advanced Television

TMS data for Tremor Video

August 30, 2013

Tremor Video, a US provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions, has integrated On TV and Movie data from TMS into its in-stream video ads. Through its proprietary VideoHub technology, Tremor Video will pull TV listings and movie showtimes from TMS into its advanced video ad formats. This marks Tremor Video’s first integration of third-party entertainment data within the user experience.

“The integration of TMS’ On TV and Movie data into Tremor Video’s advanced ad units provides advertisers an effective tool and consumers a valuable utility,” said John Kelleher, President and Chief Operating Officer of TMS. “We believe these units will successfully connect networks and studios whose objectives are to drive viewership for their content and audiences seeking information on what, where and when to watch.”

Tremor Video now has access to information on 1.5 million TV shows airing on more than 15,000 cable and broadcast line-ups and 400,000 weekly movie showtimes covering more than 45,000 screens. Tremor Video is using OnConnect, TMS’ flexible data delivery API method to instantaneously populate its advanced video ads with the On data.

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