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Bridge’s Intelligent Satellite Redundancy Switch

September 2, 2013

Bridge Technologies has launched the VB273 Intelligent Satellite Redundancy Switch – the first of a new line of products from the company. The VB273 provides carrier-grade intelligent redundancy switching for satellite uplinks, with an innovative and powerful automated decision-making capability.

In a break with the approach taken by the previous generation of simple ETR alarm analysers and black box switching solutions, the Bridge VB273 system’s sophisticated analysis capabilities and standalone decision engine make it the most comprehensive and accurate solution available to date. By incorporating a full implementation of Bridge Technologies’ advanced ETR analysis engine, the VB273 can use a far greater range of criteria than existing solutions, and base decisions on a more nuanced and realistic assessment of the data. Error conditions are evaluated against a set of user-defined rules to determine the appropriate automated action in any operational scenario.

“Redundancy switching solutions based on relatively crude ETR analysis are a less than perfect answer to the broadcaster’s requirements,” said Simen Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies. “They are inflexible, and may even themselves cause problems and increase costs by generating ‘false positives’ or missing complex error conditions. The innovative approach taken in the VB273 is a response to what broadcasters have requested, and it gives greater security and the cost reductions achieved through running a more intelligent solution that can be trusted to operate with a greater degree of autonomy.”

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