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Venezuela wants to launch satellites

September 4, 2013

By Chris Forrester

Venezuela is well-placed to launch satellites. It is an equatorial nation with an Easterly-facing expanse of water to cope with any falling debris, and plenty of jungle ready to absorb a new launch facility.   Satellites will be launched into space from Venezuela “sooner rather than later,” President Nicolas Maduro said at a hand-over ceremony where a satellite, launched by China, was formally handed over to Venezuela.

“We have done the studies, and sooner rather than later we are going to do it,” the president said, adding, “We will continue working so that one day here in Venezuela … we will have a center for launching satellites into space from Venezuelan soil.”

If Venezuela’s plans come to fruition the new facility would compete directly with the French launch facility in nearby French Guiana as well as those already in use in Florida.

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