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ThinkAnalytics launches ThinkSports

September 9, 2013

mlb-baseballThinkAnalytics, developer of a multiplatform TV search and recommendations engine, has unveiled ThinkSports, its comprehensive worldwide sports metadata library. ThinkSports enables broadcasters and pay-TV providers to deliver highly-personalised recommendations to viewers based on their favourite athletes, teams and sporting events.

ThinkSports makes it easier for fans to discover, and watch, programming as well as accelerating the launch of associated personalised sports-related services. It combines sports event-related metadata in multiple languages with the ability to provide personalised, multiple recommendations across various devices. This means athletics fans can set their preferences to see all related content in the EPG, so they won’t miss Usain Bolt in a single race.

“Given the critical role of football in European pay-TV, baseball in North America and cricket in India, for example, offering specialised applications to deliver personalised recommendations represents a new way for operators to increase their audience figures for televised and streamed sporting events,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ThinkAnalytics. “ThinkSports helps expose consumers to a wider range of sporting content than they would normally discover for themselves, while keeping pace with the enormous volume of metadata that is constantly updated for sporting events.”

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