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8-tuner ADB DVR for Canal Digital

September 11, 2013

Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB), a specialist in advanced solutions for the connected home, has unveiled ADB Wideband, an eight-tuner, hybrid cable HD DVR designed for the multi-screen era that acts as a media hub for the redistribution of content to tablets, smartphones, connected TVs and other set-top boxes. ADB Wideband enables consumers to watch live TV channels on multiple devices in different rooms simultaneously, without running out of tuners.

The first deployment will be with Norway’s Canal Digital Kabel-tv later this year, where subscribers will initially be able to record up to three channels while watching a fourth. At a later date, Canal Digital will enable subscribers to use the DVR as a whole-home media gateway serving multiple devices. The Canal Digital deal marks the first such widespread deployment of an eight-tuner device outside the geographically-limited Google Fiber service in selected US cities.

“We chose ADB Wideband because it provides an advanced solution that is destined to be the gateway to home entertainment for many years. It will initially provide our subscribers with a powerful, flexible hybrid HD DVR that over time will evolve to become a media hub for a true multi-screen, multi-room environment. We will start deploying ADB Wideband to customers this Autumn,” said Catharina Kokkim, Communications Manager at Canal Digital.

“ADB Wideband represents the future of multi-screen television – something that Canal Digital understands only too well. With this solution, operators such as Canal Digital can offer subscribers the ability to redistribute content to multiple devices around the home, providing them with greater control over how, when and where they view content. This is a prerequisite for the successful transition to multi-screen,” said Krzysztof Biliński, General Manager and Broadcast Division Head at ADB.

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