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IBC launch makes Exterity first enterprise IPTV specialist

September 11, 2013

Exterity, the provider of enterprise IPTV technologies for distribution of live, on-demand and recorded video over IP, has announced that it is meeting broadcaster and operator demand for secure delivery of valuable content with the launch of content protection features for its industry leading Enterprise IPTV solutions. IBC sees Exterity launch and demonstrate support for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) v2 to sit alongside the already integrated SecureMedia application.

“We fully appreciate that content protection is an increasingly important challenge in Enterprise IPTV, primarily because more and more the projects that we’re involved with either include valuable premium content or are for organizations for which information security is critical,” says Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity.

“Security is crucially important in ensuring that broadcasters and operators have confidence in distribution over IP. For instance, we work a lot in the hospitality industry, which is increasingly looking to provide consumers with ‘early release’ movies. Our IBC launch of the first integration of HDCP v2 with an Enterprise IPTV system, combined with our ability to offer CA protection, provides demonstrably strong security which is the key factor in gaining permission for the distribution of early release content,” commented Farquhar.

Customers deploying IPTV systems from Exterity can be confident they are adhering to the exacting requirements for delivering premium content over IP, with best-in-class content protection solutions available through the integration of:

·         Industry standard HDCP v2 content protection. HDCP is often referred to as a link-layer security mechanism, as it protects communications over one or more links in a network. Developed specifically for IP distribution, HDCP v2 is a completely new security mechanism that protects both wired and wireless communication between devices.

·         CAS (conditional access systems), which is deployed in enterprise TV systems to meet the security requirement for the re-transmission of monetized content.

“The double protection we provide through holding a full HDCP v2 license and interoperability with trusted encryption technologies, means that Exterity customers are best placed to satisfy a broadcasters security requirements and maintain full control over content accessibility across the entire IPTV network,” concluded Farquhar.

By working with encryption vendors and implementing HDCP v2, Exterity is able to secure content however required by a TV network operator or content owner.  Exterity has integrated CAS with its TVgateways, developed a secure end-point registration system and integrated this security solution with Exterity set-top boxes.

The IBC launch of HDCP v2 support has been provided through implementing HDCP v2.2 where relevant in the Exterity range of IPTV solutions, including encoders, receivers/set-tops and in the near future will include PC and Mac desktop clients.

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