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Cubiware integrates CubiTV with TiVo Cloud service

September 12, 2013

TiVo_newCubiware, a provider of STB Middleware, Multiscreen, and Back Office solutions to over 30 Pay TV operators in Europe and Latin America, and TiVo, a global player in the advanced television entertainment market, have announced they are demonstrating a prototype of a CubiTV and TiVo Cloud Services integration on thin client STBs from Evolution Digital during IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.

Cubiware has brought the TiVo User Experience and selected TiVo features to wide family of IP-connected Zappers using the CubiTV middleware, including cost-effective boxes for Cable, Satellite and IPTV. Using the CubiTV software, the set-tops render a TiVo UI while interfacing with the TiVo Cloud Service APIs for integrated Search and Recommendations. Using this innovative approach, this demonstrates even low-cost Zappers with CubiTV can become TiVo client STB devices. This enables a lower cost of implementation and localization, a fast time-to-market for new deployments and even upgrades of already deployed operator STBs.

Jakub Gorski, CEO of Cubiware, said: “We are pleased to showcase a working prototype of the CubiTV integration with the TiVo UI and TiVo Cloud Services through TiVo APIs. The TiVo Cloud Service is at the heart of TiVo’s renowned product differentiation. It powers key TiVo features, which differentiate TiVo in the living room in front of consumers through features such as TiVo Recommendations Engine, TiVo Search, TiVo Browse and nPVR. As TiVo has moved to open a suite of APIs, we are pleased to leverage Cubiware’s expertise in low-cost client STB devices to the benefit of both CubiTV and TiVo customers.”

Joe Weber, VP Technology Strategy at TiVo, added: “This proof of concept demonstrates that Pay TV operators can bring the TiVo User Experience functionality to new or legacy Zapper boxes with CubiTV to support the TiVo Service even on low-cost set top boxes. For other Operators who are looking to address even entry-level products, this represents a cost-effective and fast time to market path by utilizing the integration between Cubiware and TiVo. Operators can minimize CapEx while enjoying the consumer benefits of a TiVo user experience.”

“Evolution Digital’s role was to provide Cubiware and TiVo with a hardware platform that could be powerful enough to support advanced interactive services, yet cost effective enough to enable more operators to gain access to the power of the TiVo brand, and Cubiware’s unique capabilities of a middleware provider,” stated Brent Smith, President of Evolution Digital.

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