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O3b delays crucial launch

September 12, 2013

Jersey-based O3b is the new satellite constellation designed to bring connectivity and broadband to the world’s ‘other 3 billion’ people currently not served, or under-served, by terrestrial suppliers. Google, SES and Liberty Global are amongst the system’s backers.  However, there are problems.

Two of the four satellites, launched in June, have suffered minor power anomalies. This has meant that O3b will now delay the launch of the next 4 satellites, initially due later this month on an Ariane rocket, until the power problems have been investigated and remedied.

CEO Steve Collar, speaking at Euroconsult’s Paris satellite conference, said the problems on the satellites in space will have no effect on the craft’s performance and may be of no consequence.

The satellites were built by Thales Alenia Space, and the system cannot be brought into operation until 8 satellites are orbiting.

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