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Eutelsat, Samsung partner to promote Ultra-HD

September 13, 2013

Colin Mann @ IBC

Consumer electronics leader Samsung Electronics and satellite operator Eutelsat Communications are teaming up to combine their expertise to partner on the promotion of Ultra-HD. The two companies have launched a dedicated Ultra-HD satellite channel that can be received directly by Samsung’s latest Ultra-HD TVs with embedded satellite receivers and incorporating the Samsung Evolution Kit which enables support of current and future transmission standards.

The Ultra-HD channel has been launched on the Eutelsat 10A satellite that provides full European coverage, enabling Samsung to reach exhibitions, industry shows, point-of-sale outlets and other promotional venues for demonstration on its expanding range of Ultra-HD consumer displays. With over eight million pixels, four times the resolution of today’s Full HD displays, Ultra-HD enables viewers to sit closer to the screen and benefit from a much higher immersion. This enhanced viewing experience is demonstrated using Ultra-HD content which has been specially produced by Samsung and Eutelsat to showcase the benefits of this new technology.

“Ultra-HD is the future of television because, not only offers a superior user experience but also creates exciting new opportunities for the whole TV industry. The Ultra-HD technology is now a commercial viability and we hope that our collaboration with Eutelsat will become the tipping point for a wider cooperation across the industry for the acceleration of the standardisation and deployment of Ultra HD TV services,” said Vassilis Seferidis, Director, European Business Development of Samsung Electronics.

Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, Eutelsat’s Chief Commercial Officer, said the insight and experience the pair were gaining of Ultra-HD was constantly strengthening theit capability to respond to broadcasters, pay-TV operators and service providers who are preparing to introduce consumers to a viewing experience, which he described as “literally out of this world”.


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