Advanced Television brings social video to live TV

September 13, 2013

Colin Mann @ IBC has integrated Vine and Instagram Video into its flagship Interactivity Suite (IS), a toolkit for creating the technical backbone of Social TV and Multiscreen engagements. Now broadcasters and advertisers that use the IS or “Sync” Ad platform will be able to push and pull user generated data from Vine and Instagram video into their live programming and companion apps.’s Vine and Instagram Video integration gives broadcasters the ability incorporate short action videos in multiple areas of TV content. In addition to broadcasters, advertisers will also have the ability to utilise user generated video content in real time TV Ad placements. The integration is part of a consistent push by to stay ahead of the latest technological evolutions and trends in audience behaviour.

Lars Lauritzsen, CEO of stated: “This is a watershed moment in the Social TV maturation process. With support of Instagram Video and Vine in the Interactivity Suite, Social TV becomes just that: Real TV. Today’s announcements are but the most recent in a long line of Social TV and Social TV Advertising world firsts from There is much more to come. We’re proud to be the trailblazer in this market and will continue to stay out front.”

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