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Slovenian TV channels switch to Multiplex C

September 13, 2013

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Slovenian public broadcaster RTV Slovenija has announced that the country’s commercial TV channels will switch to a new DVB-T multiplex from October 14th.

Instead of Multiplex A, the channels will be available on Multiplex C, with a one-month simulcast period lasting from September 12th to October 13th.

Multiplex C will carry a total of seven TV channels – Pop TV, Kanal A, Golica TV, Planet TV, TV3 Medias,, TV Nakupi

In accordance with the Digital Broadcasting Law, RTV Slovenija is not permitted any more to broadcast commercial programmes on Multiplex A. As a result, the multiplex will host public, regional and special interest channels (TV Slo 1, TV Slo 2, TV Slo 3, Televizija Maribor, Televizija Koper Capodistria, Vas Kanal Novo Mesto).

Network coverage of Multiplex C is 96 per cent, slightly less than for Multiplex A, which is 99.9 per cent. The transmitters for Multiplex C will be installed at 89 locations across Slovenia.

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