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IBC: Aston presenting a range of Conax Contego Digital TV Platforms

September 16, 2013

Aston, the benchmark player on the international digital TV market is following the development of its range of Digital TV Platforms, adding a full range of Conax Contego embedded Hybrid Digital TV receivers.

Maya HD: a cost effective value for money, high quality, innovative, compact & sleek design, HD-PVR Platform to meet high volume markets Operators’ need.

Drawing on 25 years’ experience in satellite receivers and based on STMicroelectronics new Cardiff STIH 237 Platform, Maya HD integrates the highest quality standards in terms of technical specifications and choice of components. High-quality hardware design, combined with Aston’s deep software-development expertise, offers customers the fluidity and reliability they have come to expect from the brand.

In keeping with Aston’s reputation for exclusive trend-setting industrial design, the innovative Maya HD device sets new standards in the digital-receiver market.

This very exclusive approach driven by Aston offers to Conax customers a very original solution, showing that cost effective can go together with high quality and high value design. This is what “Powered by Aston” means.

Xena HD Twin Connect: the new flagship hybrid multi-room HD-PVR twin tuner HbbTV 1.5 DRM embedded Platform, packed with the firm’s best technological know how.

Making the most of the new partnership between Conax and MStar, Xena HD Twin Connect is now undergoing the stringent Conax security certification, opening the way to a wide range of hybrid HbbTV 1.5 Platforms.

Being one of the very first Conax Contego hybrid HbbTV 1.5 DRM embedded Platform available on the market, Xena HD Twin Connect will offer Conax customers solutions that fit their technological needs and enable the operators to maximise the monetisation of their contents.

Offering high performance and reliability, guaranteed by Aston’s cutting-edge technologies, the new range of hybrid HbbTV 1.5 Platforms will integrate advanced functionalities: Dual Tuner, Push VoD, Streaming over IP, IOS, Androïd compliancy…

With more than 15 years of experience in digital TV set-up boxes markets, Aston is the only company able to offer such a wide range of Conax Contego platforms.

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