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The Right People for the Job – A Specialist Team for a Specialist Service at ViewSat

September 17, 2013

In addition to consistent investment in capabilities and technology, ViewSat, the fast growing global broadcasting provider, has also invested in an expert team to provide the highest possible service to its clients.

With capacity spanning six continents and the technology to support a growing number of channels, ViewSat has further supported its growth through investment in expertise. With previous experience in diverse and respected companies, such as Philips, Sky, Virgin, Arqiva and many more, ViewSat is now recognised as a force in the industry and as such are able to attract a high calibre of staff to support its output.

Nazir Uddin, Head of Operations, explains, “The diverse set of skills and experience that make up the ViewSat MCR and Engineering team, coupled with the commitment to growing the team and supporting the customers, sets ViewSat apart in the industry. Our dynamic agility to deliver a fully operational service to air is extremely rapid, especially in comparison to some of the major players in the market today.”

“As well as offering a competitive proposition to the customer,” Nazir continues, “ViewSat delivers a fully operational service on air which is flexible and secure, whilst they also have the capacity to broadcast our clients content further with consistent investment in both popular and fresh markets around the world.”

Alejandro Mendoza, MCR/Transmission Manager continues, “In addition to this, the rapid team response times and flexibility in this developing industry means that we are consistently able to offer the best and latest broadcasting strategy to our clients. ViewSat place emphasis on continual training for its team as well as inter-­‐departmental interaction, putting us at the forefront of technological and innovative thinking, which we pass onto our clients.”

ViewSat therefore combine a specialist attitude to broadcasting with an team relationship, which work together to support business growth.

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