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Sky Italia presents Vatican Museums in 3D/4K

September 19, 2013

Sky Italia has unveiled details of its “Musei Vaticani 3D” production. For the first time, Ultra HD 4K/3D cameras enter the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel for a programme with new original images recorded through this cutting-edge technology.

Last June, Sky Italia’s troupe had the opportunity to shoot the Vatican Museums for an entire week, focusing on the most rare and precious works in the world, belonging to all cultures and ages, from Classicism to Modernism. The cameras’ journey ended in the Sistine Chapel.

Cosetta Lagani, Head of Sky Italia 3D, commented “With the Vatican Museums in 4K/3D, the viewers will “touch” and “live” the art masterpieces kept in the rooms, unveiled for the first time through the 3D technique. I’m very proud of this record hit by Sky Italia inside a place symbol of Christianity in Italy and all over the world: the Pope’s Museums.”

This production is entirely in native 3D and in high frame rate at 50 fps in 5k raw, with Red Epic cameras on 3Ality TS5  mirror rig and side by side rigs

“Musei Vaticani 3D” will soon air ion Sky3D and iSky Arte HD.

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